What do caricatures represent?

The caricatures are pictures or acted representations of a person exaggerating his traits for comic effect. Our brand is a little bit different - we aim to represent the person avoiding comic effect. We transform your favorite photo or memory into a cartoon portrait. We dare say that caricatures represent your dreams. We can draw you as the superhero you always wanted to be. 

How can I turn my photo into a superhero?

You can order your superhero caricature from our website by following some easy steps:

  • You can choose from our ready-made cartoons. We have a variety of templates with all superheroes;
  • If you want to add some changes or you want something we don’t offer on our website - write on the description section your idea;
  • Choose your high quality photo;
  • Add to cart. You will get a preview in 24 hours. Great service guaranteed.

What is the superhero effect?

Jeffrey Green of Virginia Commonwealth University said: ,,when people are exposed to images of superheroes, they are more likely than others to engage in altruistic behavior’’. The effect of heroism is unlocked. 

Why to order from Caricature4y?

Caricature4y can turn your imaginary idea into a real cartoon portrait. We adhere to all your requirements because every detail matters. We not only read what you have written to us, but we also try to imagine the picture that is in your head. We strive for satisfaction, joy and big smiles. Check our art and don’t hesitate to order from us.